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The Ultimate Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Are you selling on Amazon? Does your keyword tool have visibility on the MENA market? Does it even use actual Amazon data?

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Introducing Probe!

Keyword Research: Access accurate monthly search volume of keywords based on Amazon data (Not Google Data!), measure keyword efficiency, and generate keyword ideas.

Search Term / Keyword Volumes: Our tool can tell you which search terms and keywords are relevant for you on Amazon; and we can give you a solid understanding of the importance by rank and monthly search volumes.

Keyword Mining: Understand which are the most important search terms / keywords within your chosen category / sub-category that drive the most organic traffic.

VendorSeller, is thrilled to announce that the Khaleej Times has featured an article on our latest tools, and its unique offerings in the UAE market. You can read the article here.

Why you need a keyword research tool like Vendor Seller's Probe!

100% Amazon Data

Many businesses and their agencies still use data and tools based on Google. We don’t!

MENA Specific

We are specialists in providing Amazon Marketing & Data Services in the MENA Marketplaces!

Arabic Specialists

Our team has a host of experience working in MENA in English and Arabic!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Vendor Seller subscription include?

We have the highest quality set of Amazon tools available. Plus all the services to support every aspect of trading on Amazon marketplaces. Custom plans for large businesses and agencies are available upon request, email to

What support is available?

We offer fast and professional Arabic and English support. If you have any questions or issues, contact us via email at or via our [in-app] support chat.

I sell in the MENA region but I do not reside in this area, can I still use Vendor Seller?

Yes, you can access and use Vendor Seller from all around the world.

How often is data refreshed?

Search rankings are updated daily, keywords and search term volumes are updated monthly.

Does Vendor Seller support both Seller Central and Vendor Central and what data is available for each?

Yes, Vendor Seller supports both Seller Central and Vendor Central, with some small differences.

Many of the data points Vendor Seller provides don’t require any Seller or Vendor Central integration as this data is publicly available.

‍Which platforms are included in the data set?

Vendor Seller, currently, is focused on the following MENA Region Amazon marketplaces, including:
Amazon Saudi Arabia (
Amazon UAE (