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Amazon Keyword Tracking

Track all of your Amazon keywords and ASINs effortlessly with our AI-powered platform.


We have data insights for Amazon’s top-performing brands:

No More Manually Updating Your ASINs

Our AI platform continually updates the keywords associated with your ASINs automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention on your part.

Explore New Keywords
Boost your Amazon presence by discovering new keywords to enhance product listings and increase visibility.

Complete Category Oversight
Efficiently monitor keywords across all products in your chosen category without expensive per-keyword/ASIN charges.

Identify High-Performing Keywords
Spot high-impact keywords driving traffic and sales to tailor optimized listings for maximum impact.

Key Features for Enhanced Tracking
Receive daily insights on keyword rankings, suggestions, and historical data for effortless monitoring and optimization.

Performance Monitoring
Easily monitor keyword performance, including rankings, search volumes, and competition levels on Amazon’s competitive market.

Optimize AMS Ad Campaigns
Elevate Amazon AMS campaigns with precise organic keyword tracking for enhanced effectiveness and optimization strategies.


Automatically Unlock Amazon Keywords

Boost rankings with our fully organic Ai Amazon application.

Enhance visibility by identifying and optimizing keywords to increase product visibility on Amazon.

Targeted keyword tracking ensures higher traffic to your listings, boosting sales potential.

Gain valuable insights into keyword performance for informed decisions on listing optimization and marketing strategies.

Enhance Product Rankings on Amazon

Automatically discover new keyword opportunities based on Amazon consumer searches to increase sales.

Find popular and relevant keywords to strategically integrate into product listings, enhancing visibility and appearing in customer searches on Amazon.

Unlock insights into regional search trends to tailor strategies and boost visibility to diverse audiences.

Track chosen keywords’ performance, including search rankings, click-through, and conversion rates, to refine strategies accordingly.


Upgrade to Shelfwise and reveal the full Amazon digital Shelf.

Gain insight into your brand and product digital shelf performance, monitoring competitors’ products and true drivers of organic performance. Take Action with Actionable Insights Track and monitor keyword and product performance to make better data-driven changes.

Brand Digital Shelf
Gain insights into both your brand’s shelf share performance and that of your category competitors.

Product Digital Share
Monitor your product’s shelf share performance while keeping an eye on your competitors’ products.

Digital Shelf Drivers
Identify the genuine factors driving organic performance on the Amazon marketplace for your and your competitors’ products.

Actionable Insights
Take keyword and product performance tracking to the next level, enabling better data-driven decision-making.


Effortlessly improve your Amazon visibility with Spottr:

Comprehensive Monitoring: Monitor all keywords across your chosen category without costly charges, gaining full market insight.

Effortless Maintenance: Spottr’s AI-driven platform ensures automatic updates, freeing you from manual keyword tracking hassles.

Enhanced Visibility: Discover and optimize new keywords to boost product visibility and sales potential on Amazon.

Strategic Insights: Identify high-performing keywords driving traffic and sales, optimizing listings for maximum impact.

Daily Performance Tracking: Gain insights on keyword rankings, search volumes, and competition levels for effortless optimization.

Tailored Optimization: Unlock profitable keywords, enhance rankings, and attract targeted traffic with precision, optimizing campaigns for Amazon success.

Contact Vendor Seller today to unlock the full potential of Spottr and improve your Amazon game!

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