Vendor Seller - Frequently Asked Questions
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What does a Vendor Seller subscription include?

We have the highest quality set of Amazon tools available. Plus all the services to support every aspect of trading on Amazon marketplaces.
Custom plans for large businesses and agencies are available upon request, email to

Subscriptions → Changing your Membership

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan, or go from a monthly to an annual subscription, directly from within the Settings dashboard in your Vendor Seller account.

If you have an annual plan and want to move to a monthly subscription instead, please contact our Customer Success Team at

Are the subscriptions auto renewal?

Unless the user manually cancels their account, it is renewed automatically.

Is there a limitation on the number of products I can track in my account?

Unlike most of the main software provides we do NOT limit the number of product results you can see depending on your subscription. We want to get it right for you from the outset, so contact us to build the best, cost-effective custom plan for you!

Can I start with a monthly plan and upgrade to an annual plan?

If you have a monthly subscription and would like to upgrade to an annual plan or a different monthly plan, you can do so by going to the ‘Modify Subscription’ page in your account.

If you upgrade from one plan to another, you will be given a credit for the remaining time on your existing plan at checkout.

The total charge to upgrade your plan will be displayed on the checkout page as the ‘checkout total’.


What support is available?

We offer fast and professional support. If you have any questions or issues, contact us via email at or via our [in-app] support chat.

Contact Information (Get in Touch With us!)

We know one of the best ways to improve Vendor Seller is by listening to our customers. We are very interested in your thoughts and learning about your overall experience with our tools. Need to get in touch with us? Send a message to ✉️ or create a ticket by filling out our contact form 📝

Please note that if you have any questions or want to learn more about the features we offer, chances are we have a handy article available in our Help Center. We update and add new content constantly to help you get the best out of Vendor Seller.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. If you are interested in creating a custom partnership, please contact us at


How does Vendor Seller process payments?

We accept credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express; and also offer clients Paypal.

Where can I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information at any time on the ‘Billing’ page of your account. Under Subscription, simply click the ellipsis’, then ‘Update Payment’. From there, you can update your payment information!

How much does Vendor Seller cost?

We offer a variety of plans at different price points to make sure you get exactly what you need, and don’t pay for anything you don’t.

Our Probe Keyword Research tool starts from as little as $xx/month, or an annual subscription for $xx/year, effectively giving you one month free!

Our Spottr Keyword Tracking tool plans are price on application (P.O.A.) – contact us today for your no obligation quote!

If you’re a large established brand or agency, our Shelfwise (Shelfwise+) Share of Amazon Shelf tool is likely the ideal product for you – contact us today for your no obligation quote!

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Free Trial

Do you offer a trial?

We do not currently offer free trials; though we do invite special guests to beta test our new software in return for constructive feedback, to help continually evolve our products and solutions.

Money Back Guarantee (Free Trial Alternative)

At this time, we do not offer a free trial, but you can try Vendor Seller risk-free for 7 days with our money-back guarantee provided you have not accessed the DataHub.


Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, there are no contractual obligations beyond your current billing cycle. If you cancel, your subscription will end following the current term with no further charges. You can also upgrade your plan at any time and any incremental charges will be prorated. If you are a new customer, all regularly priced plans offer a seven (7) day money-back guarantee (excluding special promotions) provided our logs show you have not accessed the DataHub.

How do I cancel my account?

If you have a monthly plan, you can cancel your subscription directly from within your Vendor Seller account. You can do this from the Billing page under the Subscriptions option. However, if you have an annual plan (or don’t see the option you are looking for under Billing), please contact our Customer Support Team at to make any changes to your subscription.

Canceling Your Subscription
Open your menu and go Home.

Go to Billing

Under Subscriptions, click the ellipsis

Cancel Subscription


Choosing the Right Vendor Seller product and plan

Vendor Seller tools include Probe Keyword Research, Spottr Keyword Tracking and Shelfwise Share of Shelf giving you unprecedented insights into your own brand’s products and those of your competitors.
Contact us and we’ll recommend which are the most important to help your business thrive on Amazon marketplaces.

I sell in the US but I do not reside in the US, can I still use Vendor Seller?

Yes, you can access and use Vendor Seller from all around the world.

Can I integrate several Amazon accounts to one account?

Yes, we have worked with clients who have over 50 Amazon Vendor Central accounts and another 50+ Amazon Advertising Accounts; bringing together in one portal the most complete picture of performance across sales and advertising.

Is there a limitation on the number of products I have in my Amazon account that I can integrate with Vendor Seller?

No, you can have as many products as you like in your account. We have supported brands with 1000s upon 1000s of products across multiple countries and marketplaces. We are not like other ‘software tool provides’ who place limits on the data you need to run your Amazon business effectively and efficiently.

‍What types of keywords are included?

Vendor Seller covers all keywords across all marketplaces, providing the most comprehensive data-set in the market.

Visibility and ranking reporting - MoM, WoW, DoD

Our data is available at daily, weekly and monthly resolution.

Our tool’s default it month over month but allows you to compare MoM, WoW and DoD.

Compare two specific periods
Select calendar or financial months to compare performance


Select trading weeks (Sunday to Saturday) and compare again prior week or any week of your choosing.


How often is data refreshed?

Search rankings are updated daily, keywords and search term volumes are updated monthly.

How safe is my data?

Vendor Seller takes the utmost care in handling all data, including yours. Our servers are secure and we do not share data with third-party companies. For more information you can check here.

Once I register, will my information be visible to my competitors if they are already with Vendor Seller?

Your private account details cannot be accessed by anyone but you but your public data can be viewed by anyone on Vendor Seller just as is on Amazon.

Does Vendor Seller support both Seller Central and Vendor Central and what data is available for each?

Yes, Vendor Seller supports both Seller Central and Vendor Central, with some small differences.

Many of the data points Vendor Seller provides don’t require any Seller or Vendor Central integration as this data is publicly available.

‍How granularly is the data measured?

Vendor Seller measures data at the individual keyword-level. All data is anonymized, meaning that no information is ever collected or displayed that represents any single, personally identifiable individual.

‍Which platforms are included in the data set?

Vendor Seller, currently, is focused on Amazon marketplaces, including:
Amazon US (
Amazon UK (
Amazon France (
Amazon Germany (
Amazon Italy (
Amazon Spain (
Amazon Turkey (
Amazon Saudi Arabia (
Amazon UAE (

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