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Amazon Digital Shelf

Competitor Analysis: Unlock essential insights into your competitors’ strategies and how they manage their digital shelf space.

Performance Analytics: Get a comprehensive view of how products perform on Amazon shelves, equipped with detailed analytics for smarter decision-making.

Strategic Placement: Leverage our cutting-edge algorithm designed to navigate the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace, ensuring your products achieve and maintain prime visibility.


We have data insights for Amazon’s top-performing brands:

Why Choose Shelfwise

Gain comprehensive access to the Digital Shelf for your brands/products as well as those of your competitors across any category.

Brand Digital Share
See your Brand digital share performance, as well as that of your category competitors.

Product Digital Shelf
Get insights into product’s driving your shelf performance and monitor all your competitors’ products.

Digital Shelf Drivers
Understand the drivers of organic performance on the Amazon marketplace for your products and those of your competitors.

Actionable Insights
Take keyword and product performance tracking to the next level, confidently make data-driven changes and measure the outcomes.

Enterprise Application
Experience powerful insights at an entry-level cost with our cutting-edge solution tailored for burgeoning businesses.


Reveal the Digital Shelf for any Brand/Product on Amazon

What can you achieve with a tool like Shelfwise?

Measure any brand’s presence within Amazon’s marketplaces, particularly within relevant categories.

Evaluate brand rankings on the most important search results pages on Amazon.

Gauge a brand’s visibility and competitiveness within its niche on Amazon.


Connect your Amazon account to see a full 360˚ view

Integrate your account he see the following:

Monitor organic positions – higher-ranking products tend to receive more visibility and may require less advertising to maintain sales momentum.

Visualize and manage Run Rates more comprehensively and effectively.

Monitor stock levels, which directly impact your product’s organic positions and visibility on Amazon’s search results pages.

Ensure effective fulfillment processes to enhance customer experiences, leading to improved product reviews and rankings.

Determine the incrementally of Paid for advertising in driving impressions and revenue.


Improve your organic Amazon positions with our advanced and comprehensive application.

Shelfwise includes our other Amazon applications Probe & Spottr, allowing you to research, track, and understand the shelf to boost your Amazon performance.

Keyword Research
Access accurate monthly search volume of keywords based on Amazon data.

Keyword Mining
Understand all the important keywords within your category that drive traffic.

Keyword Tracking
Track all your Amazon keywords and ASINs in any Amazon category for full visibility.

Discover New Keywords
Uncover new keywords automatically to enhance your listing visibility and drive more traffic.


Supercharge your Amazon performance with Shelfwise:

Gain a competitive edge: See rivals’ positions, products, and key metrics driving their success.

Unlock a 360-degree view: Connect your vendor/seller account to analyze inventory, forecasts, and fulfillment impact on ranking and ads.

Powerful research tools: Utilize Probe & Spottr (included) to track and understand the Amazon “shelf” and optimize your organic ranking.

Accurate data, guaranteed: Leverage Amazon-only data for reliable insights on seasonality, keyword volumes, and shelf metrics.

Track your progress: Monitor changes in your and competitors’ positions, showcasing improvements in rank and shelf share.

Global reach: Optimize your presence across the US, Europe, and MENA regions – see, and benchmark performance, across multiple markets

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