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Amazon Share of Shelf Tool

See your competitors’ positions, products, and key metrics that are driving these. Shelfwise helps to understand the shelf and where your products sit within it. With Shelfwise+ you can connect your vendor/seller account to see the full 360˚ view, including how your stock, forecast, and fulfillment contribute to your product’s organic positions and advertising frequency.

Shelfwise includes our other Amazon tools Probe & Spottr so you can research, track, and understand the shelf to help move your Amazon organic positions.

We only use Amazon data to ensure accurate data. With this, you can be reassured seasonality, keyword volumes, and shelf metrics are accurate.

With key reporting, you can track changes to your and your competitors’ positions to show improvements in rank and shelf share.

Covering the US, Europe & MENA this shelf tool has you covered wherever you’re selling on Amazon.

What is Share of Shelf? & Why Track Share of Shelf on Amazon?

Share of Shelf (AKA Share of Voice) is a metric that is used by brands to measure their position within an Amazon marketplace, and more specifically within the category or categories that your Brand operates in. On marketplaces such as Amazon, etc. the share of the (digital) shelf is assessed by analyzing the rank of brands on page 1 of the search results page in relation to specific keyword queries.

Features of Our Powerful Share of Shelf Tool

  • Brand Share of Shelf

    Our unique Amazon tool can give an unprecedented insight into your brand share of shelf performance, but also the performance of your category competitors.

  • Product Share of Shelf

    Gives an unparalleled insight into your products’ shelf performance on the Amazon marketplace, and the performance of your competitor’s products.

  • Shelf Drivers

    Key metrics are provided to show the true drivers of the organic performance on the Amazon marketplace for yours and your competitors’ products.

  • Right to Win

    Provides a strategic framework to laser-focus on which products have the ‘right to win organically’ on Amazon search terms and keywords.

  • Actionable Insights

    You can take tracking and monitoring of Search Terms / Keywords and product performance to the next level, delivering deep insights and trading context to help you make better data-driven changes that deliver improved run-rates and revenue performance within Amazon.

  • Marketplace & Category Analytics

    Understand your position in the Amazon category and explore the dynamics of the page. Monitor your content and that of your competitors, whether A+ Basic or A+ Premium.

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