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Vendor Central PO Management

Having improved your listings and have the POs flowing in, you need an efficient way to process them.

Vendor Seller is able to offer you a market-leading Amazon Vendor PO management tool through our approved partner.

Purchase Order Stock Allocation

Revolutionize Vendor Central operations with a user-friendly platform that optimizes order processing and stock management. Seamlessly integrating with Amazon Vendor and supporting bulk orders, our partner is able to simplify Purchase Order (PO) acceptance by enabling batch actions aligned with real-time stock levels, eliminating the hassle of order cancellations and enhancing fulfillment efficiency.

Leveraging our partner’s “auto accept” feature, ensure full order acceptance and adjust quantities thereafter based on stock availability, maximizing your acceptance and preventing Chargebacks for PO On Time Accuracy.

Amazon orders are aligned seamlessly with real-time stock data. You can either integrate our partner’s software into your existing stock systems or make it the core of your operations, utilizing APIs or CSV uploads.

Advanced automation options empower you to tailor workflows based on triggers, and improve processes such as order notifications and stock updates.

PO Management 1
PO Management 2

ASN and Shipment creation

Our partner’s transformative solution is designed to optimize e-commerce warehouse operations, focusing on streamlining shipments, enhancing picking processes, and introducing agile Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) creation. Seamlessly integrating with Amazon Vendor, this platform redefines warehouse efficiency and operational accuracy, and fully supports a) Efficient Picking and Labelling; b) Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) Creation; and c) Intuitive Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Integrated with your ERP

No matter what your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is, our partner will be able to connect to it. They have out-of-the-box integrations for Netsuite, SAP, DEAR systems, and many others – to date, they’ve not had an ERP that they can’t integrate with.

Our partner provides a tailored approach, and unlike generic solutions, they will collaborate with you to maximize efficiency, accommodating complex pricing structures and unique requirements.

Through API connections or routine updates, our partner synchronizes stock levels, allocations, picking, and invoicing across your ERP and Amazon Vendor, ensuring accurate inventory management and facilitating informed decision-making. Even for ERPs without native Amazon Vendor connections, our expert partner can bridge the gap, ensuring a cohesive and efficient process.

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